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Enduro safaris and reservations



Contact us

New reservations:
tel. +358 (0)400 599 337

Planning on coming alone or with a smaller group?

If you were coming alone or with a smaller group than five people, it always pays to call and inquire. We often have bikes free so it may be possible to join a group either by renting a bike from us or by bringing your own bike.

Enduro safari

Safarin kesto koko päivän noin klo 10-15 tai sopimuksen mukaan.



Rental bikes are 290 euros/person including riding and safety equipment (including VAT). If you are joining a group with your own bike and equipment, the price is 95 euros/person.

The price includes

The prices for the safari include the enduro bike rental, use of safety and riding gear, fuel, tyre wear, daily maintenance of the bike and spare parts, a route fee, campfire food and instructor services, as well as insurance.

The customer insurance excess fee in case of damage to the bike is EUR 350 per bike. For damages or accidents relating to traffic and off-road insurance, the customer insurance excess fee is 500 euros per person.

The price of the Enduro Safari package includes VAT, which is 10% for the safari and 14% for the campfire food.

Reservations and cancellations

Reservations: Erland Kassari:, tel. +358 (0)400 599 337.

Safari cancellations need to be made no later than ten (10) days prior to the arranged safari date due to the instructors and other practical arrangements. We reserve the right to charge 75% of the safari price for late cancellations (i.e. cancellations less than ten (10) days before the agreed safari date).

Paying for safari

We accept the most common payment cards, cash or invoice (sent by email) as payment.

Exercise vouchers

Safaris can be paid for with Smartum exercise or culture vouchers, a Smartum card, Tyky fitness vouchers, Epass, Eazybreak or Edenred. All exercise vouchers need to be signed.

Gift vouchers

A Loppi Enduro Safari gift voucher makes an excellent gift for someone celebrating their anniversary, birthday or special event. Riders who have received gift vouchers will be split into individual appropriate groups with dates agreed with the recipients.

Participants with own bikes

All bikes should have silencers in order and valid motor insurance policies. Motocross bikes should be equipped with enduro level silencers.