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Lopen Enduro

Safari information

Loppi Enduro Safaris offers memorable safari experiences in Leppäniemi Manor's approximately 1,300 hectares of forest area. There are about 70 km of routes of varying levels, so you will certainly find a suitable option for your taste. Easy-going routes are a good option for learning, whereas more challenging routes are suitable for the most experienced riders to go wild. Gather a group of friends, biking enthusiasts or co-workers and join us for a memorable enduro safari experience!

Our safari area is only about an hour's drive from Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Lahti. In the winter it’s still possible to ride, however, our temperature limit is -15°C. If it is colder than that, we do not offer the safaris.  

Enduro bikes

Our main bikes are 350cc Beta Enduro models. They have four-stroke engines and are easy to ride with low emissions and sound. For more information, visit our equipment page.

Group size

Loppi Enduro has 11 enduro bikes available for rent. In addition, it is also possible to bring your own bike. The minimum group size for a safari day is five people renting bikes or a minimum charge of 1400 € on weekdays. At weekends, it is possible to come alone or with friends. We create bigger groups by joining smaller ones.

Planning on coming alone or with a smaller group?

If you are thinking of coming alone or with a group smaller than five people, it always pays to call and inquire. We often have bikes free so it may be possible to join a group either by renting a bike from us or by bringing your own bike.


We have experienced instructors, including former World Championship competitor Marko Tarkkala. If the group consists of riders of different levels, it is possible to split it into different groups of appropriate levels and experience. In this case, each group would have its own instructor who selects the route and determines the degree of difficulty and speed according to the level and wishes of the group.

Enduro basics

These are a few basics about Enduro beforehand:

More information and reservations

Lopen Enduro Oy, Erland Kassari
tel. +358 (0)400 599 337